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Why is solar energy the best solution for your company?

Why is solar energy the best solution for your company?

In recent years, Brazil has positioned itself as one of the most dynamic markets for solar energy in the world. More and more consumers are discovering the benefits of changing the way they consume energy as a clean and renewable option. By the end of 2021, the country registered 12.1 GW of installed power, a growth of 54% compared to 2020, according to data from the Brazilian Solar Energy Association (ABSOLAR).

Of this total installed capacity in the country, approximately 43% are from solar energy systems, from companies such as: industries, commerce and other services; that are concerned with being more economical and sustainable, and find several advantages in solar energy, becoming more competitive in the market.

In addition, companies make their brands more valued and recognized by consumers as allied to the principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

In this post you will find answers to some questions of those who have a business and are thinking about switching to solar energy , check it out!




Switching to solar power is worth it at any time! However, in 2022, switching to this source will be even more promising for those looking to save money. For, according to a report by the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), the forecast is that there will be an average increase of 21% in the electricity tariff during the year.

But, for those who think of preparing in advance to make this change, some important points should be considered, the ideal is to draw up a plan that includes financial aspects such as: the investment value for installation and evaluate the best way to acquire the system.

It is essential to intelligently define the investment model that will be carried out. Currently, there are several types of financing available on the market, including fintechs that operate in the solar energy market for companies and that have their own financing, offering the advantage of not needing an initial investment or compromising the company’s credit.

Finally, the recommendation is always to research the performance of the chosen company, to verify if it has a good reference in the sector. Currently, there are several solar energy companies in the Brazilian market.

The most important thing is to choose one that has expertise, guarantees quality in its service, offers innovative solutions, a specialized team and is committed to its customers.



Yes, companies of any size, from small to large, and any type of business benefit from the advantages of solar energy. The only thing that will vary is the size and value of the project, which is related to the energy consumption of the company. But, whatever the size of your business, with a well-designed project adapted to the needs of your company, you will be able to have in practice all the benefits that solar energy provides.

In general, businesses, service providers and small businesses rely on simpler systems that, consequently, have lower and more accessible investments.

Large companies, such as industries for example, need more elaborate projects to meet high consumption. In addition to saving on one of the highest monthly costs for their operation, especially companies that make use of a lot of equipment and machinery, they are able to reduce greenhouse gas (GGE) emissions, contributing significantly and directly to a cleaner and renewable future.




  • cost reduction

Your business needs energy to run and you need savings to grow it. We know that one of the main costs of entrepreneurs is the energy bill, which has become increasingly expensive.

Companies that bet on solar energy can save up to 50% on their energy bill. Thus, the electricity bill is no longer a concern and what was once an expense, becomes an advantageous savings immediately.


  • No tariff increases

Since 2020, Brazil has lived with recurring increases in electricity rates and one of the most effective alternatives for a business not to suffer financial impacts and to be able to preserve good results in its cash is to invest in more economical and safe sources of energy.

In the last year (2021), we saw the energy bill increase several times due to the water and energy crisis that the country has suffered and with the tariff readjustments.

Energy tariffs are reviewed by Aneel annually, and may occur at any time, for each concessionaire, based on the operating costs and investments necessary for the operation of the service.

But, when you become a prosumer, generating your own energy through the solar source, the constant changes in tariff adjustments are no longer a threat to your monthly budget. Because when you acquire your system, you pay only the minimum tariffs of the energy concessionaires.


  • Stability in cash flow and more investments for your business

The consequence of these economic advantages guarantees greater stability and security in your company’s budget and cash flow, as your energy cost is no longer variable and becomes cheaper. For Brazilian businessmen, who pay for one of the most expensive energy in the world, this is a valuable and increasingly necessary gain.

In addition, the savings gained allow entrepreneurs more possibilities to free up resources to invest in improvements and capital for the growth of their businesses. Can you imagine how much you could invest in your company if you saved with the expense you have on your electricity bill?

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  • Return on investment

Changing the way you consume energy, opting for solar energy, is an investment that guarantees a return over time, as you will have a monthly savings after acquiring your company’s system, returning the value of the investment made.

The greater the amount your company spends on electricity, the better the cost-effectiveness of switching to solar energy. Having a faster return on investment, which can be achieved in a period of less than 5 years, in some cases.


  • Sustainability and Green Marketing

Aside from the financial benefits, one of the main reasons why it’s worth switching to solar is sustainability. Consumers are increasingly looking for brands, products and services from companies that are aware and engaged with environmental causes.

Green Marketing promotes the concept of sustainability through a set of actions used by companies. Helping to position themselves in the market with environmental responsibility, that is, causing the least negative effects for the planet.

By investing in solar energy, your business will be able to directly contribute to the reduction of polluting gases and the preservation of the environment; helping to preserve the environment, adopting and promoting a more sustainable model and culture among its employees and customers, positioning itself positively in the market.

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Change the way you consume energy


In addition to the numerous sustainable benefits of clean energy , the financial issue is one of the great advantages of solar energy.

At Insole, we transform the energy bill into a new currency and help our customers organize their home or business budget. It’s simple and affordable, we generate savings and credits for you and your business. And because it is a clean Fintech , Insole provides easy financing, with its own financing, without as much bureaucracy as in traditional financing.

It’s simple, as there is no expense to acquire the solar system, no initial investment is needed, nor does it compromise your credit, the customer only pays the equivalent amount of the conventional energy bill, or depending on the chosen plan, a lower amount. With this economy, you can fulfill many of your dreams, new projects and invest in your business!

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