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Is it possible to lower the fixed cost of energy?

Is it possible to lower the fixed cost of energy?

Saving electricity , in addition to being good for your pocket , is important for the sustainability of the planet. That , we all know. Our biggest concern ends up being able to save to pay the fixed monthly energy cost and still have that little money left over to spend on our daily desires. The energy bill for many is one of the biggest household expenses. If you’ve already followed all the possible saving tips and still think you need other alternatives, we have a good solution for you!

In addition to everyday practices such as: do not leave electrical devices on while not being used, change the lamps to the led option and reduce the time of bath when using electric shower, there is another alternative, which is the portability of your energy bill, which offers benefits such as a discount on your fixed energy cost, the use of renewable energy and the opportunity to make dreams come true with guaranteed savings at the end of the month.

Want to understand what exactly is the portability of your electricity bill? So, check out the information we’ve separated for you.

What is portability for solar energy?

Portability for solar energy means bringing your electricity bill to Insole, changing the way in which energy is consumed, by opting for the alternative of cleaner and more economical energy, instead of conventional energy. With solar energy, you start to produce the energy you consume, making it possible to reduce the fixed cost with your electricity bill, improving your monthly budget.

Contrary to what many people think, even with solar energy your bill will still be linked to an energy distributor, what changes is that you start to produce your own energy and thus, you will save much more by paying a fee lower by your electricity bill.

How does electricity bill portability work?

To carry out the portability of your account with Insole It’s very simple, just choose the supplier company, get in touch with the attendants, present your electricity bill for analysis, choose the best payment plan for you, close the contract and presto, you start receiving a discount on your fixed cost of energy and you can make wishes come true with your new economy, you can invest much more of your dreams and projects.

Advantages of Adhering to Electric Power Portability

Consumers who choose to make the portability of their electricity bills choose a safer, more economical and more conscious alternative. Those who carry out solar energy portability, in addition to contributing to the preservation of the environment by reducing CO2, no longer need to worry about tariff adjustments in the energy bill. Best of all, it’s simple, practical and without bureaucracy.

Now that you know what energy portability is and its benefits, discover the benefits of portability with Insole and start saving as soon as possible!


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