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Find out how to turn expenses into money with your electricity bill!

Find out how to turn expenses into money with your electricity bill!

It may seem strange, but it is possible to transform monthly expenses into savings, having something that comes back to benefit you. As we are living in a period of crisis, many people need to rethink their spending and consumption. Thus, being aware of the benefits and forms of financial returns make all the difference when balancing the finances at the end of the month.

Did you know that it is possible to transform the way you consume energy and the cost you have with your electricity bill?

Yes that’s right! And it’s much simpler than you might be thinking. Want to know how it happens? We’ll explain everything to you in this post!

Electric bill as a new currency

According to a study by TR Soluções, the estimated increase in the electricity bill for the year 2021 is 14.5%, the rise in the tariff is one of the causes that significantly increases the cost of energy. Therefore, when switching from conventional energy to clean and renewable energy, you are also choosing a more economical and advantageous energy.

With Insole it is possible to make the portability of the conventional energy bill to the solar one. It’s quite simple: when you make the portability of your electricity bill to Insole, you receive a discount on the fixed cost of your electricity bill. Thus, you can transform a monthly expense into a new currency, opening up possibilities for making dreams come true, such as travel, investments, a new car or your own home.

Many believe that the consumption of solar energy is even a more advantageous option, but they think of the value of installing the plant in homes and commercial establishments as an obstacle to carry out portability. By establishing itself as the first clean fintech in Brazil, Insole has expanded its operations, allowing the customer to finance directly with the company itself and use their energy bill as a new currency to invest in their dreams with guaranteed savings through solar energy.

“Those who seek resources in the financial market for this stage do not always find accessible lines, as they are linked to the profile of each client. As a clean fintech, Insole solves this impasse, offering faster and less bureaucratic credit analysis. And this access is now democratized and reaches all profiles, since the financing can be done by Insole and the customer ends up paying an amount similar to the cost of their own energy bill, substituting one expense for the other and if benefiting much more in the long term”, explains Ananias Gomes.

Want to know how you can do solar power portability? Click here to learn more.


Generally, when making a purchase, we think we are just going to spend money. However, with the Cashback method, it is possible to get part of the value of purchases back. The more purchases you make, the more money you can get back. In addition to retaining the customer, the Cashback method ends up being very advantageous for the consumer who manages to accumulate advantages.

With seven years of experience in the market and a reference in solar energy projects throughout Brazil, Insole decided to innovate by bringing the cashback model to small and medium businesses, initially in the bakery and market segment, further facilitating the reduction of monthly costs of entrepreneurs with energy.

There is no need for upfront investment in the business. It’s simple and without bureaucracy, the customer makes the portability of their energy bill to Insole and earns cashback of 5 to 10 times the value of their energy bill. To learn more, follow the profile @ insoleenergia .


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