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Find out how much you will pay on the energy bill after the tariff adjustment and how to get out of this

Find out how much you will pay on the energy bill after the tariff adjustment and how to get out of this

The monthly cost of paying the energy bill is a concern for everyone who has to pay a certain amount per month. When the tariff adjustment appears, we know that this bill arrives for us consumers without “knocking on the door”, unexpectedly. What some people don’t know is that, in addition to all the savings measures to reduce the value of the electricity bill, there is the possibility that you can get rid of these adjustments made by ANEEL (National Electric Energy Agency). Follow the reading and find out how this is possible.

understanding the tariff

Due to the water crisis that the country is suffering, it is necessary to activate the use of thermoelectric plants and this makes the cost of generating energy higher. The lack of capacity of hydroelectric plants to produce the necessary amount of electricity is the reason for ANEEL to make the tariff adjustments annually. The decision on the amount is based on Portion A (costs of generation, transmission, sector charges provided for in specific legislation) and Portion B (costs directly manageable by the distributor).

What is the 2021 readjustment?

Regardless of whether it is the electricity bill of a commercial or residential property, the tariff adjustment that was changed is valid for all Brazilians. The last change made in July 2021 by ANEEL was for red flag 2, which is the most expensive tariff for the use of electricity, at which R$9.492 is charged for every 100 kWh.

How is it possible not to pay the tariff adjustment on the energy bill?

For those who choose to use the solar energy system, the conventional energy tariff is not charged, even with changes in value, consumers who generate their own energy do not need to worry about changes in the electricity bill, as they start to pay a fixed amount and the distributor’s minimum energy tariff.

How to make the portability of my electricity bill?

To carry out the portability of your account to Insole, just contact Insole specialists, present your electricity bill for analysis, choose the best payment plan, close the contract and that’s it, you already start receiving a discount on your fixed cost of energy. And, you get rid of tariff adjustments and can make more of your dreams and desires come true with your economy.

In this way, we saw that it is possible not to have to worry about tariff adjustments. Ensuring savings at the end of the month, doing good for the planet is a good way out for those who want to take precautions against annual increases and change the way they consume energy to a more innovative, modern and economical alternative.

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