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Change the way you consume energy: discover the advantages of solar energy

Change the way you consume energy: discover the advantages of solar energy

Have you ever stopped to think about how much has changed in the last few years? Well, we changed the way we watch movies and series, listen to music, we no longer order pizza the way we did a few years ago, we changed the way we shop, buy a ticket to travel, even the way we work and saving money has changed.

It is difficult to find any human activity that has not been transformed with the growth of digital versus analog. The need to evolve accompanies us in all spheres of life and this is what drives us to increasingly efficient solutions.

Faced with so many changes, few people know that the way of consuming energy has also changed over time. That’s right! There is a new way to consume energy, different from the conventional way that most people are used to. We don’t usually think about it much, we just continue to consume energy in the traditional way and pay the electricity bill every month , as if this were something definitive, impossible to change.

But it is not! The way of consuming energy has also changed, solar energy provides a more innovative, economical and sustainable option for consumers to have the power to choose.

Accelerated growth in the country

Recently, the country reached an important milestone in the distributed generation sector, the Brazilian Association of Photovoltaic Solar Energy (ABSOLAR) announced that Brazil has surpassed the mark of 1 million consumer units with its own energy generation from the solar source .

As a result, the country reached 14 GW of power per distributed generation. And the forecast for 2022, according to ABSOLAR, is that this installed capacity, which has been growing more and more in the country, will increase approximately double compared to 2021.

Therefore, solar energy will continue to be the best option for consumers who can no longer stand the increases in their electricity bills, who want to save money and benefit from a clean, safe and sustainable source of energy.


Is it complicated to switch to Solar Energy?

Migrating to solar energy is easier than you might think. And with Insole, one of the largest companies in the distributed generation sector in the country, it’s much simpler!

With a team of experts that help the consumer from beginning to end of the process, Insole transforms your electricity bill into a new currency. That’s because you reduce the value of your energy bill and still earn financial credits.

To change with Insole, the first step is to present your electricity bill to carry out the analysis of energy consumption (kWh), the simulation of the savings you will have and the appropriate solar energy system to meet your demand. Then, you choose the best payment method to purchase your system.

Insole offers easy payment options with the possibility of own financing, without the need for an initial investment and without compromising your credit. In this way, the amount you usually pay monthly on your energy bill to the dealership becomes the value of your system’s installment .

And all this without bureaucracy, with the Insole team accompanying the customer throughout the entire process of this change to the stage of installation, monitoring and maintenance of the plant.


Advantages of Solar Energy

When compared to the conventional way of consuming and paying for energy, solar energy is a much more advantageous and economical alternative. These savings are felt by all consumers, whether residential or business, and regardless of the size of the solar system project.

Residential consumers achieve savings of up to 95%, and consumers who adopt solar energy in their businesses achieve savings of up to 50% on electricity bills.

The amount that would be spent on the energy bill turns into a source of savings. And with this saved amount you can invest much more in the realization of your dreams and projects.

This economy becomes even more attractive when we think about the annual increases in the energy tariff that make the electricity bill more and more expensive. For this year 2022, the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) estimates that the energy bill will increase approximately 21%.

For consumers who opt for solar energy, the conventional energy tariff is not charged, even with changes in value, consumers who generate their own energy do not need to worry about changes in their electricity bill , as they pay a fixed amount and the distributor’s minimum energy tariff.

And in addition to all these financial benefits, one of the reasons why it’s worth switching to solar is sustainability. Those looking for more sustainable consumption habits find in solar energy a clean and renewable energy option that contributes to building a more sustainable future.

Among all available energy sources, solar energy has the lowest environmental impact, with no emission of pollutants, ensuring a better planet for generations to come. Anyone who chooses to switch to solar energy, chooses to be part of this transformation. Because better than following so much evolution, it is to be part of this transformation.

Now that you know the new way of consuming energy and all the advantages of solar energy, it’s time to switch to Insole, learn how: https://insole.com.br/campanha-ta-na-hora- de-change /

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