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7 Software for business financial management

7 Software for business financial management

When taking care of your business, thinking about the financial organization and planning is essential to minimize the impacts of unforeseen events in your day-to-day. Small savings and changes in habits are essential to give an even better result in the performance of your business and with that in mind, we decided to list a series of software that can help you control your financial health and optimize your time within the company.

Adjustable, simple and intuitive, these applications have a low investment (sometimes even free) for the return they offer. In addition to bringing together and interconnecting banks, daily transactions and suppliers, they are able to control cash flow, organize accounts payable and receivable, issue notes and be notified of operations that take place on a daily basis.

1. Blue Account

Conta Azul is one of the most popular on the market, organizing everything in the cloud and not taking up space on your system, in addition to offering four plans with different features and monthly values, one for each type of company and volume of transactions.

2. ZeroPaper

Also known as Quickbooks, ZeroPaper is aimed at micro-businesses and micro-entrepreneurs, with a free trial version, so you can understand the movement and discover everything the application can offer you.

3. Nibo

Serving more than 50 thousand companies, Nibo brings a super simple and functional management system, with organization of account to pay, reports and a very complete financial control. In addition to the traditional version, the software also has a version for accountants that imports customer data into the accounting system.

4. Organize

Designed for medium-sized companies and with the mobile version available in an application, which allows you to update data in a simpler way, Organizze also has a 30-day trial period to analyze all the pros and cons of the system.

5. Online Accounts

With super flexible options and more than 15 resources for financial transactions, ContasOnline has free and paid plans, which go up to 1200 transactions per month.

6. Bling

For those who have virtual stores and e-commerces, Bling can be the most suitable: in addition to managing sales, inventory and commissions, it has a partnership with the postal service to help track product shipments. It is available in 4 plans, according to your business.


In the case of larger companies with more levels of complexity when it comes to monthly bills, TOTVS solutions are highly recommended. The company is one of the largest in the financial organization sector, with different proposals for each line of business and offers full control of finances (back office).

Now that you’ve learned about various financial management options and solutions to facilitate your operation in the bureaucratic part, you can organize and set aside more time to dedicate to strategies that cut superfluous expenses and bring long-term benefits to your company.
Always being aware of and in line with bank taxes and fees, questioning suppliers’ values and keeping an eye on the competition, in addition to seeking to achieve a more conscious consumption of energy on a day-to-day basis, are simple and very effective actions. To make your life (and your company’s) easier, we’ve selected some tips and made a quiz for you to stay on top of all the ways that can help you have greater control over your finances. Now it’s simple: sign up, download our guide and discover everything we’ve prepared for you! 🙂

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